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"I honestly think I will reflect on this birth experience with any other difficulties life gives me, and know that I can achieve anything now"
Brianna - happy mum

What Is A Doula?  

A Doula is a person that provides non medical, physical and emotional support to women during their pregnancies, labours and the post natal period.  They provide birth education and resources and  encourage  women in asking questions of their care providers, helping them to communicate their needs and wishes and gain a better understanding of the birth process, procedures and policies.

They encourage women to use techniques learn in birth education classes and be proactive in decision making.

Doulas support and nurture the birthing woman throughout  pregnancy. and provide continuous support during labour.

Doulas believe that your emotional health during pregnancy and labour is just as important as your physical health.

Why Have A Doula?  

Randomised trails show that a continuity of emotional care throughout your pregnancy, and especially during labour, has benefits such as...


“expectant mothers matched with a doula had better birth outcomes than did mothers who gave birth without involvement of a doula”   

So What's In It For You? 

Childbirth education and information regarding medical aspects and procedures

You and your partner will learn the physiology of birth and how our maternity system works in Western Australia. You will learn what is physiological (normal) and what is pathological (medical).

While I do not provide medical care or advice, I do have knowledge of medical protocols and procedures. With this knowledge I  can help you gain a better understanding of the medical jargon and possible situations/implications/complications that can sometimes present in pregnancy and birth.

Continuity of care 

By building a relationship with you through regular phone calls, texts and zoom meetings, coupled with the odd coffee catch up, you will feel relaxed and free to ask questions and express fears or concerns during your pregnancy and in labour. 

Coping strategies for the demands of labour 

"At the heart of most fear around birth is the issue of pain" 

- Rhea Dempsey -Beyond the Birth Plan

As your Doula I can help you  from getting overwhelmed when the surges get intense and you reach a 'crisis of confidence'

By understanding the concept of "functional pain" and using mental imagery,  vocalisation, acupressure, massage, movement, water etc. you can increase your pain tolerance.

This will help you (and your partner) to  remain calm and focused during labour and I offer proven strategies that work .

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Increase your oxytocin and reduce stress hormones that hinder labour

Through relaxation, breathing and massage plus, helping you find the positions that are most comfortable for you and your baby to labour in. 


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