Hi, I'm Kelly Bardon living in the suburb of Ellenbrook, WA, and I am a qualified birth doula. I provide birth education and support to women and their partners, throughout their pregnancy, labour, birth and the post-partum period. 

Thirty eight years ago I had my first baby, and what a shambles that was .

I soon learned from this birth, that I had exactly zero birth education and knowledge, and had just expected the medical system to play the 'good parent' and take care of my pregnancy and labour.

Well they certainly did.

And thank goodness for that experience because, the train wreck that it became, spurred me on to learn more so that I never repeated that same mistake...and I became a prolific birther, eventually having six children and now sixteen grandchildren. 

It is also the reason I became a professional doula 

Originally I trained through Australian Doulas and I became a registered member of the national doula association, Doula Network Australia Inc. in 2016. I also mentor  the student doulas of  Vicki Hobbs Doula Training Academy in Perth, WA, as well as a  back up doula for various doulas in the Perth metro area. Added to this, my five years’ experience as a  breastfeeding counsellor with Australian Breastfeeding association where I helped hundreds of women feed and nurture their babies, there has never been a time in thirty eight years, where I haven't been knee deep in pregnancy, birth and babies. 

During my work as a Perth doula I have helped and encouraged women in both public and private hospitals, including the Family Birth Centre. Every birth has been unique and I've helped women from low-risk pregnancies to what are now considered high-risk such as twins, gestational diabetes, vaginal birth after caesarian (VBAC), advance maternal age mothers (I hate that term), inductions and caesarians and previous birth trauma and its these births that has enabled me to add to my experience and knowledge base. 

I believe that pregnancy and birth is a 'LIFE EVENT' and not the life 'THREATENING' event portrayed by society and the media, and that by 'one birth at a time', I can hopefully make a difference to the future generations.

Certification, Memberships, Associations, Training & Workshops

  • Certificate Birth Doula - Australian Doulas.
  • Counsellor with Nursing Mothers' Association (ABA) - Jan 1992-1997.
  • Birth Educator - Child Birth International (CBI).
  • Vicki Hobbs - Doula Training Academy Perth, refresher - 2020
  • Mentor for Student Doulas - Doula Training Academy - 2018 - Current
  • Member Doula Network Australia - 2017 - Current
  • Optimal Maternal Positioning (OMP) workshop - Ginny Phang - May 2019
  • Hypnobirthing Australia - Supportive Carer Workshop - Pip Wynn-Owen - May 2019
  • Bump to Baby Workshop - Feb 2019
  • Effective Doula Support, Physiological Birth & Variations - Dr Rachel Reed - July 2018
  • Mentor for Student Doulas - Doula Training Academy - 2018 - Current