'Don't just hope for the birth you want...Prepare for it'...

"Smooth, stress-free birth"

We are so happy we found Kelly, she's such an amazing lady. Being first time parents we really didn’t know what we were in for but Kelly’s knowledge and guidance made the whole process so easy. She did absolutely everything from helping us with our birth plan to giving us lots of techniques and tips to achieve a natural birth. I cannot recommend Kelly enough without her we wouldn't of had such a smooth and stress-free birth and we will definitely be calling Kelly for baby#2.

Bethany & Brad – 31st Aug 2018

"Reassured me, every time"   

Kelly certainly had the experience and knowledge to help me achieve the birth I had longed for after my 1st birth experience didn't go to plan. With knowledge we can make an informed choice and become more powerful to negotiate. Kelly was very easy to get along with, we could talk for hours. Being a 43 year old mum, Kelly reassured me every time I had a hurdle to jump, as I certainly got all the statistics thrown at me. We didn't ask Kelly to take footage of the birth, instead she just got to it and we are very grateful for her initiative. My partner talked highly of Kelly and appreciated her being there for us. It made it a lot easier for him knowing what was going on. He was stoked with the outcome, even though baby Rebecca turned out to be another girl...haha! All in all, we were both delighted with the birth of our beautiful little girl. We wouldn't have done it without you. Thanks Kelly xo

Jacqui & Greg- 6th Nov 2016

"Empowered me for other life events"   

 Doula matters, doula really, really, really, matters!! Kelly is a legend! I'm so happy and feeling so much blessed that I found Kelly as my doula and had a full pregnancy and birth experience, exactly the way I wanted, the birth experience I had was so perfect and it was only because of incredible Kelly. Thank you is a very small word to say to appreciate her support & guidance throughout my pregnancy...I'm really glad that she empowered me to think my own way rather than just following the crowd this will help me on other fronts of my life too...Kelly is amazing

Sheetal- 4th Jan 2018

"Restored my faith - VBAC"

 I’m so glad I found Kelly to be my doula! This time round, when planning my second VBAC, I was hesitant about hiring a doula again... 

...I reluctantly interviewed a few doulas and in the end I chose Kelly which I am so glad I did, as Kelly has restored my faith in doulas again. I have no doubt that my second successful VBAC was a positive experience for me because of her

Anna - 16th Mar 2018

"Gave me confidence to stick to my plan - Twins"    

Having twins for my first pregnancy there was a lot of doubt whether I was going to be able to have the birth that I wanted after a lot of my doctor visits at the hospital. With the support, help and knowledge from Kelly throughout my pregnancy, I had the confidence to stick with my birth plan and naturally delivered two beautiful, healthy babies. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.” 

Emily – 25th Dec 2017